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Please always join Join4adollar first before any other CWC program, whether it's the Cascading Series or the Team Series. This is because it remains unique to you no matter which program you either progress to, or fast-track into, within Cascading Wealth Creation, and saves the embarrassment of 2 members having the same username.

With a still relatively low cost, we recommend you fast track into Club4elite. Once you complete just one phase in Club4elite, you receive a free entry into all the Cascading Series... which means you then have a membership in 7 programs, giving you an enormous amount of training and benefits! This represents a benefit to you of $84.


Either at the same time, or as soon as you can manage it, we recommend you also join GiveMeAStart, which is the first program in our Team Series. For a one-time payment of just $3, it leads you into a series of very lucrative programs.

It's never been easier than this!

With the cost being set at just $1, it means that this opportunity is so very low risk that it opens it up to everyone no matter what economical, spiritual or emotional level you are on right now.

Some of the benefits you will receive upon joining our program: